Our Investigative Methods

Our Investigative Methods

When you need answers, JMArchdale Investigations has the solution and is here to help. We handle any and all kinds of investigations specializing in missing persons, human trafficking and domestic cases.

We value and invite new investigators into this business to learn how this trade works the ethical and legal way. This empowers women with building their self esteem while helping and building a better community.

Training and supervising of new investigators that are female is a worthwhile event; because, they are helping their household by bringing in monetary value. This value equates to being a better critical thinker, an eagerness to build character within themselves, while helping build a better infrastructure for their community. 

 JMArchdale Investigations is proficient in training them with added outside classes in different venues to add to their investigative value. They then have the potential to specialize in caseload once they reach the required hours for licensure.

Since they are eager to solve cases, they work harder than your average investigator from the start to the finished report.

JMArchdale Investigations has experienced investigators that are monitors on every case, therefore, making sure its professionally done within the confines of the laws. Contact us to put one of these trainees with their monitor to work for you on your case.

We work with attorneys, corporate businesses, and individuals. 

Speak to our friendly and experienced chief investigator today by calling +1 (248) 875 - 7499 for free, no-obligation consultation.