What you need to know before hiring a Private Investigator in Michigan

What you need to know before hiring a Private Investigator in Michigan

April 29, 2022

When checking out a few Private Investigation companies here in Michigan it is best to due due diligence so you hire the best qualified for your case. The following can be used as reference.

Get a referral for a Private Investigator.
Since you will be sharing sensitive and personal information with this person it is imperative that you find someone that is reliable, honest, ethical and professional.

Make sure the investigator is licensed!

Only four states in the United States that does not require licensing they are; Idaho, Mississippi, South Dakota, and Wyoming and licensing is voluntary in Colorado. A honest and legal investigator will give you his license number immediately. Check it out before hiring them, and find out if claims have been filed against them. Here in Michigan to verify our license visit Michigan.gov/lara website and insert the number in the search box.

Ask questions about your Private Investigator? 

To insure your case gets worked correctly, legally and straightforward by your potential private investigator in Michigan find an investigator who specializes or has much experience in the case you need done, or look for a firm that has experience indifferent services Like JMArchdale Investigations. Ask how many cases they have done similar to the case you have, and how they worked out. Here at JMArchdale Investigations we will be happy to share our experience with you.

Consider whether your Private Investigator has Insurance.

Most serious private investigators are insured up to a few million dollars. While it is not necessary for most jobs, if something were to happen during the course of the work, you as the hirer, would be held liable if there is no insurance coverage for your Private Investigator in Michigan. JMArchdale is insured for any property damage, lost files, or any breakage of anything. Our insurance would pay for it to be replaced.

Discuss Confidentiality with your Private Investigator.

Your case no doubt has some personal sensitive information, when working with your Private Investigator. Thus you need to make sure your PI will be discreet, legal, ethical and responsible with the information entrusted to them. Here at JMArchdale Investigations we hold this area close to the vest and share it with no one. We are discreet and we can deliver results.

Feel comfortable with the Private Investigator.

When communicating with your private investigator, if your not comfortable, or are feeling pressured, or make you feel uncomfortable in anyway, then its best to hire another private investigator to work with. Our investigators are trained to listen carefully to our clients stories, needs, and expectations. here at JMArchdale Investigations we never go to fast or pressure you into something your not comfortable doing. We aim to please our clients in the best way possible.

Get a contract with your Private Investigator.

Here at JMArchdale Investigations your initial consultation is free. We listen as you explain the case at hand. Once that is over it gives us a sense of what we need to charge, as an honest legal outline of our fee. At JMArchdale Investigations
if at that time you want to follow through a retainer agreement is signed pending a contract forthcoming within 24 hours outlining our fees precisely and expectations in your case. We pride ourselves in being transparent in our pricing and costs; therefore, no hidden fees. Are you ready to start? Call us now at 248-875-7499.

Contact us today for more information and a FREE consultation, or complete our online form and receive a FREE, NO Obligation case evaluation.

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